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139. Pennsylvania

Michelle - Lancaster, PA, USA

Friday, May 25, 2007

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

“A Postcard for World Peace” in the media

Yesterday Paula Cosme Pinto wrote a nice article about this project in Expresso, from
Portugal. Paula talks about the whole idea of the project, the number of cards received and countries of origin. They even made a small video!

We are very thankful to Paula and to Expresso for this action! We haven’t talked to them, so this was their own initiative. Thanks again!

To read the article please click here; and to see the video click here. (The article is in Portuguese)


There have been some other visitors writing about the project in their personal blogs. Here some of them:

Terri – Weaving a Life
Meditador – Sitio das Ideas
Jaan - Jaani dot..... maailm
Waxspirit – Peripecias do Mondo
Carol – Carol for Peace
Ardi - r.d.
Aleks –Natuke minu elust

Thanks and Peace to all of you!

124. Macedonia, FYROM!

Roma Children - Bitola, Macedonia, FYROM
(Thank you children for a beautiful card!)

123. South Africa!

Warren - South Africa

122. Think Big

Piret - Miami, FL, USA

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