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Friday, January 5, 2007

Starting the Dream

Send us your postcard with a Peace message to the world to:

A Postcard for World Peace
Aedvilja 4 – 7
Tallinn 10120

And we will publish in this blog. Once we get it we will color you country in the map and keep the count of how many postcards for that country we have received.

These are some examples of how your postcard will look here:

Alberto, Barranquilla - Colombia

Julia, Moscow - Russia

Mark, London - UK

We are waiting for your postcards! The World wants to hear your voice!

The 'A Poscard for world Peace' team


David - Venezuela said...

Beto (and 'A Poscard for world Peace' team),

Happy New Year!

I love dreams, and specially this kind of dreams...

Count with my postcard!



Albinas said...

greetings from Lithuania and thanks for nice idea! I had a nice and lovely day after getting to know it! Great! :-)


EG said...

Excellent idea! I just found your site. Love it. I'll have to send one soon. Best!