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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marie Curie Cancer Research

Dear Sirs,

First of all I wanted to say what a joy your website is. I to am collecting postcards from around the world for Marie Curie Cancer Research, a charity close to my heart that does such good work and I wondered if I could ask you a big favour. At the moment I do not have a web page but am working on one. If anyone who sends a postcard to you would also like to help me with my collection which I intend to auction off for the charity eventually then I would be so very grateful to receive them and return one back. I am looking for as many countires of the world as possible.

My mailing address is;

Nigel Palmer,
53 Neptune Drive,
East Yorkshire,
YO16 4EF,

Thank you so much and peace and love to everybody in Austria. I will send you a postcard.

Best regards,


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